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 5 Incredible Ways to Enjoy at a Canadian Sugar Shack

If this Easter you’re eager to step out of the hullaballoo of the daily city life and wish to spend a couple of days in the country what’s more exciting than visiting a traditional family running cabane à sucre offering amazing food & organizing great events!

Well, here we’re about to focus on some of the most incredible ways to enjoy your holiday at a Canadian sugar shack—

Great Ambience

The first thing that usually attracts people about shacks is great food. But honestly, if you’re a true worshipper of country and nature- you’ll find a great relieve to finally step into the farm and breathe fresh air. The ambiance of the place will charge you up and while on the way back home- you’ll feel fresh. The farms are mostly run by families for more than a hundred years. Try to visit one such establishment to witness the true flavor of exploring a maple syrup and sugar shack.

Farm-fresh food & great drinks

Enjoy the farm-fresh food served at the sugar shacks. From the exquisite breakfast with the traditional pancakes with maple syrup and a bowl of fruits along with maple taffy to maple sugar pie, they can serve you with very tasty food. The drinks they serve are also exquisite. You can try some local handmade wine that drives many to the spots while walking down the memory lane with the beautiful tunes played by the extremely talented artists.

Enjoy the events

The maple shacks organize various events that are ideally designed for the children attending the programs. The adults also of plenty of activities to take part and enjoy every single time they have been at the maple shack.

Ideal for the children

The children find the family running farm shacks as the gourmets served in front of them attract kids. They also get the opportunity to lick and enjoy the mouth-smacking taste of the maple taffies and candies catered at the shacks.

Avail attractive discounts

You can grab the amazing deals and discounts at the farms. If you’re wondering to make your Easter special then why don’t you choose the sugar-off season and drive down the most favorite maple shack to enjoy a family meal there. From breakfast to dinner they can serve you with the most exquisite food. Some of the popular shacks remain open until 1.00 am in the morning offering wine, food and live music.

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