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A First-Timer’s Easy Guide for Traveling to Puglia!

Talking of Italy, most people think of places like Florence, Rome, Venice, Milan or even Naples. If you are keen on exploring the offbeat side of this country, we highly recommend that you consider Puglia, also called Apulia in English. Puglia is still untouched by tourism and has a charm that’s very much feels like Tuscany or even Greece to some people. If you are here for the first time, here are all the tips that you may need.

Things to do and see

Puglia is one of those places where you would do better if you rent a car. It’s not to demean public transport, but eventually, you need to be at your own pace here.  You can start with Matera. The historical center of Sassi has some amazing houses, beautiful churches and yes, many monasteries, so check for all of that. If sun, sea, and sand are things you seek, the rocky beaches here in Puglia will feel magical. We recommend that you consider the southern part of the region. Andrano is a must-see town, where you will find Grotta Verde that has a swimming cave. The “swimming alcoves” of Puglia have been popular among locals for a while, and these are free to access, so you need to bring your own resources for the beach. Bari is also worth a visit, just to feel the beauty of old Italy. For those in search of stunning churches, please don’t miss Basilica da San Nicolas.

Where to stay?

Puglia has some beautiful old farmhouses and even villas on rent, and it is a good idea to ditch the hotel. Of course, the prices are lower than many parts of Italy, but if you want to book places like Puglia Paradise Srl, always look in advance. Stay among the locals to feel the charm of this unique part of Italy.

What to eat?

Puglia is pretty much what people expect from Italy in terms of food. Seafood is always fresh and readily available, while pizza is as good as anywhere else in the country. Puglia is more Italian than many other cities, which is why the food may seem too conventional, but we promise that you will like the fare, because everything is local, homemade and always served fresh.

If you are new to Puglia, consider spending at least a week, if not more. Book your stay and always make time to spend time with the locals.

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