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Serviced Apartments Or Luxury Hotels: What’s Your Choice!

The busy lifestyle of today is keeping almost 50% of the people away from their holiday desires. Not all the people get time to spend time on a holiday. There are bills to pay and time for working hard to earn enough. But even if there is a chance to take a holiday they would prefer to spend it on a space that feels like home!

For the same reason, people like to find a luxurious stay. But given the rise in the popularity of the Copenhagen serviced apartments the notion has been changed to. People have compelling reasons to believe that service apartments indeed are better than hotel check-ins. Here’s why!

Spacious stay at great value

People definitely do save a fortune when they make a stay at the serviced apartments. This is because as compared to the luxury offered by the spacious apartments the value of similar hotels would be too high. These apartments are at par with the 5-star hotel accommodations and yet very meager in price. They brings about more space as compared to the one offered in even the most accommodating hotel stays.

Bingeing on food of choice

Unlike the designated menu offered by the best of hotels, the service apartments gives people the flexibility of choice when it comes to food. You don’t have to eat only what is on offer from the restaurant. With a service apartment you have a dedicated kitchen with all the amenities to cook up your own food or order something from your choice of restaurant. Here is no restriction on ordering food, cooking or making a choice of where to dine!

Privacy of moments

Not all hotels offer good privacy. Some have rooms so attached to each other that the sound from one room easily travels to another. While with the service apartments the case is very different! Service apartments are designed to bring privacy into the lives of people. They are detached in a certain way to provide for complete privacy and comfort. One can forget the world with the private accommodation!

Short and long term stay options

Most people like to book minimum number of days when it comes to hotels. The rising bill, tending matters etc compel them to check out early. Serviced apartments on the other hand are suitably priced and can be booked for weeks and months at a stretch. You can settle in and explore a place for as long as you want. And the price is comparatively budgeted!

Service apartments are a new wave of comfort for travelers who have a budget!

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